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Coffee Beans


Truly Great Gourmet Drinks

We provide hot, delicious gourmet drinks just by touch of button. Our fully automatic, custom made in Italy, hot gourmet machines will win your taste buds as well as your hearts in no time.  Our specialty menu options pleases wide range of people.  Our "Bean to Coffee" model provides satisfaction guarantee to all coffee lovers and special gourmet drink lovers. 

We provide cost free no obligation Gourmet Drink Machines to businesses either to serve their staff or to impress their customers. Each drink has been crafted to perfection in seconds with just a touch of button. Our environmentally friendly machines 

does not waste any cups, foils, packets or pouches. Refresh and recharge your staff with their favorite drink to increase productivity at work so you can relax that work will be done in less time; saving you time and money.

Environmentally friendly


Unlike other products, our machines does not use filters, cups, pouches, foils or packets that hurts our nature. This makes Breaktime Barista stand out of crowd. We care for our environment as much as you.

Our machine utilizes natural beans that gets crushed to produce barista style fresh coffee. Crushed beans are compacted, collected and stored inside. It will be donated and used as fertilizer to grow new plants.

Germinated Plant
Cup of Coffee



Perfect for small businesses with 15 to 30 staff



Perfect for businesses with 20 to 50 staff 



Perfect for 40 people or more

Coffee Beans
Cup of Coffee

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